Jelly is an app that aims to repair the relationship between the user and their skin.

This prototype project was a submission for Level Up!, Rice University's 3-day designathon.


UX/UI Designer

October 2022

The Problem & The Solution

Although many people strive to improve their relationship with their skin, individuals lack the knowledge, support, and inclusion needed to find products that personally fit them.

With Jelly, we aim to design an app that fosters a supportive and comfortable environment where individuals can:

Share their skin stories with one another.
Track their skincare routine and products
Get recommendations on affordable skin care products personalized to their skin type
Receive insights and tips from dermatologists and licensed estheticians
Read articles on skincare written by experts

Meet the user!

Meet our persona, Gracie Kim! As an acne and oily prone person, it's hard finding the right products for her skin type.

The Process





Check out my prototype!