Plantology is an app that encourages people to accomplish their goals for the sake of their wellness through the process of taking care of plants.

This prototype project was a submission for CreateSC, USC's 3-day designathon. We received Honorable Mentions out of the 60 submissions!


UX/UI Designer

October 2022

The Problem & The Solution

A person's wellness is especially important. To achieve such wellness, there must be goals that are established and accomplished. However, it can be difficult for many people due to lack of motivation or discipline.

Plantology introduces the user to a game app that allows them to complete their goals through the process of "plants". Each time the user completes their task, they are awarded a certain amount of water that they can use over time. Watering their plants makes them level up and goes from a seedling to a blooming plant. If the user fails to water the plants, it wilts and dies (however, you can revive them by completing certain goals!)

The more goals you have, the more plants you'll achieve. By the end of the game, you'll be able to collect over hundreds of rare plants and eventually have your own garden.

The Process




Check out my prototype!